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    AMEX Velocity Platinum: 100,000 bonus; increased earn rate of 1.5 ppd; ends 31 July

    Re: AMEX Velocity Platinum: 100,000 bonus; increased earn rate of 1.5 ppd; ends 31 Ju When I clicked through, I could only see the referral link from The High Life blog. Is there another referral link you are talking about?
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    Virgin Amex Velocity Platinum card now 110k points

    Re: Velocity Amex -110,000 POINTS, return free flight,4 lounge passes, travel insuran Thank you for your original link. I clicked through and applied online Sunday 5/7/15 at night. Received a text message the following morning saying it had been approved. Just received the card today 15/7/15...
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    Macquarie Visa Plat - Fee Free 1st yr + 25k Qantas Pts for $5000 spend

    A new offer from Macquarie, and introducing Qantas Frequent Flyer Awards on the Platinum Visa. Our Visa Platinum Card also comes with an exciting array of special features when you select Qantas Frequent Flyer Rewards*. Dear Mr Attood As an introductory offer earn, 5 Qantas Frequent...
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    citi rewards points changing

    There we go... This what they replied- @citibankaus: @attood Hi, all the rewards & benefits of your Citibank Select Card are up and running now! Dtls here: Look under the Travel and Privileges. Hope this helps.
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    citi rewards points changing

    This is what they replied- Sorry, one more post and I'll be able to post a link. 
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    citi rewards points changing

    I tweeted Citi last week about the changes that still hadn't gone live on their website. They got back to me yesterday morning to say that the websites have been updated. And so they had 
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    Update and Sale on iPhone App: Frequent Flyer Calculator

    I was just thinking that I was becoming like my mother-in-law....loving the something for nothing :oops:. I'll just buy the app and start using it.:D
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    Update and Sale on iPhone App: Frequent Flyer Calculator

    I just looked at the First Class version on the App Store via my iPhone and it's not free. Is it necessary to do it on a pc or have I missed the deadline?
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    Why is Qantas legally allowed to charge twice for the same service, this has another

    Ok no probs. You have certainly been in a posting frenzy this morning. Is your flight delayed?
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    Currency to use in Vanuatu

    There are actually ANZ ATMs you can use in Vila to withdraw their vatu. Some places don't mind the AUD but all seemed to prefer the local currency. Enjoy the warm weather and duty free shopping!
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    Cancelling a JASA

    Hi all, long-time reader here with my first question.... I'm wanting to cancel a JASA SIN/MEL/SYD in U on 22/9/11. It cost 103,111 points (no cash) which I thought was great on an A380. The fare conditions said "Before departure. Full refund. Local service fees per person applies." QF wanted me...
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    Yupps,NYC,New England and Japan.

    I love to read about both sides of a story :) Nice work mrs.dr.ron! Keep him honest. Great TR.
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    Volcanic Ash flight disruptions June 2011

    Qantas just announced SYD flights cancelled from 3pm today 