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I was not proposing that vitamin D was curative. Rather that low vitamin levels shows up more regularly in seriously affected (ie admited to ICU) patients as opposed to patients with "normal levels".

Re the 2013 Serafino Reserve Tempranillo finding it quite nice today after delivery this AM. (Might have been helped by cycling exercise a bit earlier) .Complimented the Viet food at lunch - some Pho Soup and Pork Buns, A very drinkable drop & one of my better buys this year ValueForMoney
With my dismal palate hope it tastes as good next bottle in a week or so :}
First case (6) of 2017 F/Friends arrived today, now $18ea.
Tasted it - nothing but pure bliss in a glass, and even
at 15% ABV no alcohol burn, lots of fruit, tannins there but moderate, a pretty big wine.
The label has David ANDERSON Wild Ck and Ian RATHJEN Whiltling Eagle as winemakers.
For info. Wouldn't tell the world or we'll never buy it at this money again 😁
Wow, you’re not wrong. Was a bargain at $12, I hope it comes down again. I grabbed a few, plus some of the “made for Dan’s” Curly Flat pinot for $20
Finished the FF tonight, I'd say the labels "Please decant prior to serving" is spot on.
Remained a first rate drop for the three days, no huge improvement (to me) and don't really think the wine needs a long breathing period as long as it is decanted. YMMV of course.
A second case, the one at $12ea arrived today, nice to have this stash put away :)
Yr Curly Flat @ $20 was a good buy, not a grape I drink though :cool:
Hi servicerequired

Great posts re Mildura. V/Line (coaches serve Swan Hill, connecting to/from trains, I have often used) is more reliable!

Milly no longer has TV news so Qantas ought count itself lucky, and as you probably know, 'Sunraysia Daily' is now online only, although there's a News Ltd online competitor.

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Hi Gazza if you need a pass I have one available that doesn't expire till October. If you cant get one that expires earlier let me know and I will let you have this one
Hi randompunter, I think you must be the member that joined vinomofo and made a very recent purchase. If you'd like the name and contact details for my wine advisor at VM let me know. He is a top bloke and they do not work on commission. Has good advice.
Thank you very much for the hug Dr. Ron. Hope you and your wife are well, and staying safe even though yourself is working at the hospitals.
Hi Mate - I have the application as a pdf if you want it - should also be able to refer you if you like
Dave G
Actually - looks like you cant refer any more
Send me your email and I'll forward the application to you
That's Funny had follow up surgery was on the mend in October now all over back to Normal. Hello World
Hello - could I please get a referral to the slippery please, as per your recent post.
Hi Luxury-Lizard
Same. $65K Ponant cruise Pre-Paid Requesting Refund as per 11.9 and R211-10 of their T&Cs.
ACCC state must comply with AUS Regs irrespective of foreign law.
Would accept a Bank Guarantee or Bonded Trust of the funds for holding our $65K for 905 days!!
Cheers Roy Perron
"A very handy Chinese idea (I believe) is the multi plug power board one can get in most small shops" Where can I source one of these boards?
Probably already been asked, but what happens to my business class flight from Brisbane to Cairns in November?
Christine Price
Probably already been asked, but what happens to my business class flight from Brisbane to Cairns in November