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New profile posts

That's Funny had follow up surgery was on the mend in October now all over back to Normal. Hello World
Hello - could I please get a referral to the slippery please, as per your recent post.
Hi Luxury-Lizard
Same. $65K Ponant cruise Pre-Paid Requesting Refund as per 11.9 and R211-10 of their T&Cs.
ACCC state must comply with AUS Regs irrespective of foreign law.
Would accept a Bank Guarantee or Bonded Trust of the funds for holding our $65K for 905 days!!
Cheers Roy Perron
"A very handy Chinese idea (I believe) is the multi plug power board one can get in most small shops" Where can I source one of these boards?
Probably already been asked, but what happens to my business class flight from Brisbane to Cairns in November?
Christine Price
Probably already been asked, but what happens to my business class flight from Brisbane to Cairns in November
Virgin Velocity member
Qantas Frequent Flyer member
Krisflyer member
Emirates Skywards member
Hi Steady, as with the 900 others. Would greatly appreciate a CellarDoor / other wine referrals. Thanks a million! I'm particularly savvy with whisky so let me know if i can return the favour!
Hi Steady - interested in a referral if you have any available. I don't have any referrals to offer in exchange unfortunately, so a one-sided deal to my benefit (full disclosure).

No dramas if closed / unavailable.
Hi.... Did you manage to get a cellarco referral at all? Im keen for one... I have referrals to sippery and cellarone if interested
Hi Steady keen for a referral if possible for cellarco twe if possible? I have access to cellarone and sippery if interested in return