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New profile posts

Is sjk a strange inappropriately amusing or just a bot? The replied are just bizarre out of context.?
Not the only one to notice this either
It would be nice if you explained yourself and reactions?
FF tix + insur. surgery prevented travel but carrier and insur say it’s the other ones responsibility. Has anyone had that experience
Hi Tony and Griselda, hope you are both well. I am in Melbourne so it's not on the spot,. but apart from QF44 diverting to MEL instead of its usual DPS - SYD route, things didn't seem too bad much earlier. This must be a fog that has become worst at c.0800 or so. SYD by teh looks of things is in absolute chaos given the number of amendments I've popped on AFF, and that's only for QF. Best wishes, M1
I would like some info on this ETSA for US. we are travelling to Canada and have a 2 hr layover in Houston do we need an ETSA pass.
Noumea Status Run booked for June with a 50% SC bonus to boot - onwards to LTG
Sorry, make that 22 January!
Thanks CW. I have been looking regularly and found a seat as early as 16 Jan, but I need to leave on 9th or 10th. Almost resigned to the fact I’ll be in Y and pay for YX, then hope a reward seat comes up in the week or 2 before departure.
National Carrier Qantas still not flying internationally from Adelaide, Very inconvenient and expensive in time to fly out val STYD/MEL