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Which Star Alliance FF program to join?

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Mr Percival

Dec 1, 2006
We are doing an around the world trip ..... Canada, Europe, Asia, then back to Sydney. About 26,000 miles.

Does anyone have a recommendation for which Star Alliance airline we should join to maximise any 'free flights' ? This would be a new membership as all miles are currently with OneWorld.

We are Syd / Melb based and would be happy to travel to NZ or SE Asia.

Many thanks !

Mr P
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Kiwi Flyer

Senior Member
Sep 24, 2004
Welcome to AFF Mr Percival :)

I assume you are travelling on a Star Lite RTW (economy with 26,000 max miles)?

If so then the booking classes used are mainly treated as discount economy by the *A FFPs. Depending on how much, if any, travel is on United (UA) on this trip or in future, then United Mileage Plus may be a good option. Awards are fairly cheap, if you can hit elite status (probably not quite enough on this trip - but may just scrape in depending on your exact flights) then get bonus miles on future UA metal flights (as long as you maintain status). The miles earned would be enough for an award from anywhere in australia to anywhere in NZ in economy (flying Air NZ).
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