Which Card for Qantas Frequent Flyer Points? HELP!

Discussion in 'Your Questions' started by evangelionpunk, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. evangelionpunk

    evangelionpunk Junior Member

    Feb 24, 2005
    Hi All

    Well. Ive been with CBA for awhile but am pissed off with their changes regarding QFF since im on their classic cards and now i only get 1/2 the value.

    Been looking at a few cards including ANZ Frequent Flyer etc but dont know what to go for.

    Realistically im looking at building up my QFF points and maybe even travel insurance etc would be nice but preferably without the $250/yr fee etc for platinum cards.

    EZYCARD and AMEX for some reason rejected me dont know why because my credit report is fine NO DEFAULTS etc nothing.

    Is AMEX really worth the trouble? Ive been told they dont get accepted most places anyways hence why they are offering 1.5 points for every dollar spent and the same transfer rate to QFF too.
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    Also NAB and BANKWEST seem crap.

    The best so far seems to be WESTPAC ALTITUDE cards.
    They give u a MC and AMEX. AMEX earns 2 points/dollar and MC 1point/dollar.
    And allows you to transfer to QF, MH and NZ frequent flyer programs but doesnt state the transfer rates(assuming 1=1).
    And it only has 45 days interest free


  2. johnsmith

    johnsmith Member

    Dec 5, 2004
    I find the Woolworths Ezy Mastercard very good, I see you have a CBA credit card, the Woolworths Ezy Mastercard is also issued by the CBA maybe you can change cards internally without having to make a new application, sometimes they have a simple form to change to different types of cards issued by the bank. If you have had any applications for credit on your credit file during the 6 months previous to your application AMEX automatically rejects you. I had problems with this also so I made no transactions on my credit file for 6 months then applied and this time had no problem getting the card. I also have a Citibank credit card they offer the same points as the Ezy Card but a higher annual fee, its best to have a few cards to use at their applicable double point bonus partners. Westpac rate for altitude points to Qantas points is 0.5 to 1. Not so good when using the mastercard.

  3. NM


    Aug 27, 2004
    Flight Map:
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    For me, Amex is absolutley worth the trouble! It is accepted at 95% of places I do business, including service stations, supermarkets, department stores etc. There are some places that don't accept it, but they tend to be small businesses (eg local mechanic) or utilities (council rates, electricity etc). For those I have a Visa. But to get the 1.5 points/$ you need the Rewards Maximiser card or a similar afinity card such as CPA (restricted access to these cards).

    One of the best value for low annual fee and QF FF points earning is the CitiBank Silver card. It still earns at 1:1. But as one of the few low-cost cards at that earning rate, I would not be surprised to see it change in the future as an incentive for holders to upgarde to their Gold or Plat card for a higher annual fee (like CBA did).

    You won't find a card with low annual fee, good FF points earning rate and travel insurance. They have to fund the points and insurance out of something, and it comes from the fees. So if you want points and insurance you are going to pay a high annual fee.

    I use Amex Gold Rewards maximiser for everything I can (have over 180,000 points in the kitty now), and CBA Gold Visa for everything else. I have stuck with the CBA card just for the convienience of NetBank since my savings accounts are all linked to the one NetBank account and I can transfer between them easily. But it only transfers points to QF FF at 1.5:1 rate.
  4. New Chump

    New Chump Member

    Nov 23, 2004
    "I have stuck with the CBA card just for the convienience of NetBank since my savings accounts are all linked to the one NetBank account and I can transfer between them easily. But it only transfers points to QF FF at 1.5:1 rate."

    O/T to this thread, but I am also on the AMEX with CBA Gold backup program, NM.

    Just before I am ready to transfer my CBA points at 1.5:1, I'm planning to upgrade the card to Platinum, transfer at 1:1, then downgrade the card back to Gold. Worst case scenario (I think) is that I'll get stung with the $250 Platinum annual card fee, but if you are tranferring 100,000+ points you can justify it. Will let you know if it works, if I ever do it.
  5. evangelionpunk

    evangelionpunk Junior Member

    Feb 24, 2005
    Guys like I said AMEX and EZYCARD(Woolworths Ezy Mastercard etc) have rejected me for some reason hence I need alternative viable solutions.

    Ive already applied for ANZ standard QFF and have it in my hands. But am tempted towards CITIBANK however their service seems shocking. Phoned them twice to apply for the card and twice on hold for ~30mins with nothing! pissed me off.
  6. evangelionpunk

    evangelionpunk Junior Member

    Feb 24, 2005
    Also when AMEX last rejected me in 04 there was ~2 yrs of not applying for any credit etc. My creditfile simple states that I applied for a term account for unspecified amount (when i applied for a creditcard). But before that it shows my query for a car loan of ~20k.

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