When in Brisbane....

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Jan 2, 2003
I'll be short here, because I know that Lindsay probably has more to say on this :D I didn't want my brainchild to fall down, so I wanted to start the ball rolling. :D

Where to Stay - I chose the Stamford Plaza at Brisbane. This is a really nice place, with a great swimming pool. It's big, and swimming is important to me. A lot of places I've been to either don't have one or it's tiny, but this was great.

The staff here are superb, and very well-informed. I got a dinner recommendation direct from the valets, which shows just how well informed the whole team is on helping and providing information to people - every credit to them. Nothing was too much of a problem for them, and I really appreciated the effort they all made.

Where to Eat - Siggi's in the Stamford has a great cigar/whisky/port list, with some very nice dishes on the menu. This is more of a 'nice meal/business dinner' kind of place, because some of the dishes were pretty exotic. But around the corner, you have the Brisbane Polo Club, Pier Nine (which has great wine and great food, and extensive seafood list) and a nice little pub called The Pig and Whistle. They serve Stella Artois on draught and have some good, hearty food at reasonable prices.

Where to Drink - Directly opposite the hotel, they have a nice little place on the corner (who's name eludes me), with a nice selection of Absolut Vodkas. And the Pig and Whistle has good beer and TV.

The QC lounge here is big. Really big. And I like the Macadamia nut tarts that they have here in the lounge. I was also able to get on a computer terminal, which I often have trouble doing in MEL, especially after 5pm. I mean, come on guys ! :shock: Work's finished :D
Not open for further replies.

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