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What's going on, Jetstar?

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Mar 6, 2006
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Today I was ready to surrender my Qantas Club and FF membership and never fly Qantas again. My issue was not due to a particular flight (I haven't flown for a few weeks) but rather the responses I'm getting from the call centres of both Qantas and Jetstar.

I plan to fly to London next year from Darwin - which now will require me to fly DRW - SIN on Jetstar and SIN - LHR on Qantas. However, when originally launched Jetstar said they would provide baggage connectivity and the ability to stay airside in Singapore with no need to recheck in.

However, after talking to both Jetstar and Qantas today, both assured me this is not the case and that you must clear customs and check in at Singapore. This is regardless of whether you book it as one booking with Qantas (with a Qantas codeshare DRW-SIN) or book it as two seperate flights.

However I just read the original press release from Jetstar (still available from their website) and it says in black an white there is baggage connectivity.

What's going on???? Are these people running a world class airline or what? These days it seems passengers know more than the staff (online checkin was a perfect example).

My other issue is the price. Aparently your looking at about $850 return Darwin to Singapore. Considering Tiger charge as little as $360 return (inc taxes) how can Jetstar seriously say they are providing a better service than Qantas? For me, there's no difference flying Jetstar or Tiger (if there's no connectivity with Qantas). Why would I want to pay twice as much for the same service?

Give us back our full service Qantas. Even if it's just twice a week.

The other thing - aparently you can't redem points on Jetstar flying DRW - SIN. But they won't give you a reason - just there's no availability (for any day in the next year).
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