Westpac Appalling Business Behaviour -Warning! #Westpac


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Nov 1, 2011
How many people might have killed themselves by now with this sort of bank behaviour? $52,000/m is well beyond my pay grade.
You've been deliberately vague about the purpose of this loan and the amount and term. What were the payments previously? You're implying this is some kind of business, not a standard home loan, so we don't have much context. I could easily see certain business loans being in that range.


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Apr 6, 2018
Hi @prozac
Is there an update?I only ask because I had an issue with a bank (not w’pac) this week and keen to see what happened with you and if ombud involved/legals?
PS - all that Pappas fraud-Westpac debacle happened since your troubles commenced. They are not covering themselves in glory


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Jan 7, 2010
Still ongoing.
The case manager at Westpac showed her true colours when she put a block on ALL my accounts unrelated to the claim. I was selling a property and was unable to complete because she had blocked the loan! A call to the ombudsman had it sorted out in a couple of hours and all accounts unlocked again, but it shows the lengths they will go to in order to try to ruin your life. What they did was not only unconscionable but illegal. The ombudsman said she tried to say it had nothing to do with her, but a contact in Westpac said her name was all over it. It certainly hasn't helped their case.

No legal fees, just have your facts right and present your case in a concise cogent manner. I know from our exchanges you can do this.

Do not involve any legal representation or they will ruin you.

Message me if you want to discuss. Good luck.
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