*Warning: Jet Star Asia intra Asia flights**

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Aug 1, 2006
Hi All,

As per posts have just come back from conference in SE Asia.

Was in Hong Kong, but flew to Singapore for a conference.. So I did what I thought was the right thing and booked JetStar Asia between the two sights as this would earn me QFF points....


Got back home to see points are worth nothing! Yep nothing! Why .. Beacuse if you look very closely to website... if you can find such as rerefence at all you will find this..

"Points are not earned for travel on Jetstar Asia (intra-Asia) flights"

I am ready to explode.. I deem this unconscionable conduct on Qantas's part.

If you see Jet star Asia website, you will see that the QFF banner is on the front page, if you see the fine print you will see that on the information page they will show you that YES!! the points you earn on Jet star go to your QFF points tally..

So why wasn't i allowed these points...

(see above VERY small print)

This is cough: I am writing a letter today stating that I am an intellegent man (well five years of Uni should prove..errm ...something.??) and I could not find this reference, and olny after I did not get these points did i look ..and LOOK I did for some 20 minutes... and then finally stumbled across this ...

I am steaming about this!!

So what should I do..

Annoyed and frustrated..



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Aug 1, 2006
OK this is what I saw as terms and conditions when booked the flight..

This is a dump off when you book a flight..

Please tell me where it says this flight is worth diddly squat to a QFF member??

Terms and Conditions
· Applicable to Jetstar (3K) and Valuair (VF) flights from Singapore only.
· Valid for Travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only
· Singapore - Indonesia flights are operated by Valuair.
· Fares quoted are for one-way exclude airport taxes, admin fees, insurance and fuel surcharges.
· Fares are not valid for peak periods & public holidays and seats are subjected to availability.
· Above fares quoted available via website only. A service fee is applicable for bookings through our Call Centre and travel agents.
· Fares valid for new bookings only.
· Bookings made are not transferable, refundable and cancelable.
· Jetstar reserves the right to cancel or amend the offer without prior notice.
· Terms and conditions are subject to changes without prior notice.
· Other conditions of carriage apply. Please check website for details.



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Mar 22, 2005
I would not be looking at the JetStar Asia website to confirm if you get QFF points. You are a QFF member so the best place to look for eligibility is the QF website.

Jetstar Asia is not listed as a partner airline.

Jetstar Asia is mentioned, as being excluded, in the airline earning table which list airlines you are eligible to earn FF points/SC's

"JetStar Asia (3K) Excluded: Points are not earned for travel on Jetstar Asia."

Yada Yada

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Dec 6, 2004
LotusEliseDriver said:
· Other conditions of carriage apply. Please check website for details.
I guess this is the point that covers their cough.

Maybe I am wrong, but my understanding is that Jetstar Asia (3K) is a totally separate entity and operation to Jetstar in Australia. Same parent, similar livery, but that's about it.

Why did you not fly CX on that route? :-|


Jul 1, 2002
Unless you book the most expensive fare (the "Jet-Flex" fare) you can't earn Qantas FF points on Jetstar flights in Australia either.
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