Visa PayWave now available from Citibank!

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Aug 2, 2009
New card arrived tonight - same card number, expiry, CVV etc.

Only difference (may be Citibusiness specific rather than portfolio, I'm not sure) is that they have changed branding on the card from Citi to Citibank... Lol

Had to call Citi about something tonight (surprise surprise they screwed something else up... AGAIN) and turned my new Citibusiness card over to find the number...

I noticed that they have removed the 'premium service' 1800 number and now the card only contains the 13 24 84 general number :(
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May 9, 2006
they have changed branding on the card from Citi to Citibank... Lol

They used to brand the retail bank as Citibank many many many years ago, then they changed it to Citi. Now it's back to Citibank. I don't think they have ever made up their mind in the last 10+ years.

this does not prevent you from calling and asking for them to issue you a new card that contains this feature should you want one.

Citibank look good when AmEx want to change your card number if you want to get a chip card. (I really want to ditch them in October).
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