Virgin Partner lounge access internationally, any tips for decent access?

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Sep 4, 2011
Hi guys, in the vein of my previous rant of not being able to ever claim reward seats on VA partner airlines, I was wondering if anyone knows how to navigate the rules of VA lounge access when using partners?

I'm trying to find flights between North America (BOS) and Europe. We're looking at the best option being via AMS on DL (AMS is a DL hub) but at AMS DL use a ST lounge. This means that at a major hub of their 'special' partner VA elites seem to have no lounge access. Every other flight from BOS (CDG, FCO) is codeshare so no earn and no benefits at all. LHR seems the only place in Europe we can get it.

I've also not had any lounge access on recent flights with SQ at CDG, MUC, CGK and BLR. These aren't 'minor' ports, these are places where lounge access really needs to be sorted out. With 'alliance' lounges rather than individual airline lounges now becoming the done thing I can only ever see VA lounge access getting reduced.

It would be great if someone from VA could actually chime in as to what VA is doing to rectify the rather poor status VA elite members have overseas, or give some tips so that we at least have equal access as other partner airline programs have.

United and AA have both offered to status match me and TBH I don't know why I should continue to give VA my loyalty when a good proportion of my flying is international and VA seem to penalise me for it. Don't get me wrong, I *love* VA domestically, but there's no point having benefits on Australian soil, and nothing when you leave it. Trying to be loyal to VA and their partners internationally just don't seem to be worth it, and TBH is really making me question staying (have requalified WP this year, but may not do it next).

Does anyone have any tips on how to get some worth out of VA internationally?
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