Virgin Blue's foreign airline fancy 'forgotten'

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Dec 8, 2004
Virgin Blue's foreign airline fancy 'forgotten'

VIRGIN Blue is worried that its proposal to launch a new international airline is being forgotten in the furore over plans by a private consortium to take over Qantas.

Australia's number two airline is planning to launch a new carrier using wide-body jets to serve the US and possibly some Asian destinations and is reportedly close to a decision on aircraft type. But it is getting nervous about suggestions from some Canberra politicians that Singapore Airlines should be allowed to enter the US route if the Qantas deal goes ahead.

Full article: Virgin Blue's foreign airline fancy 'forgotten' | Business

With the Qantas takeover, the accelerated expansion of Jetstar International, mooted expansion of Jetstar domestic esp in WA with the prospect of Tiger entering + Qantas beefing up its Cityflyer PER-SYD, Qantas circling an unconfirmed Asian airline to buy into - has really left Virgin in the back seat for the time being and it appears they are getting a bit nervous with speculation the US route will be opened up to airlines other than themselves - which would force them to reconsider their long awaited international expansion.

In stark comparison to Virgins vicious and extended takeover which stopped DJ from doing much during, Qantas in the middle of a huge takeover has been extraordinarily
busy in comparison!

Hope Virgin doesn't get forgotten with all the buzz around the other airlines, feels like it has a bit of a middle child syndrome at the moment!
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