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Villa Serioli Marone-Lake Iseo Italy

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Nov 17, 2004
I am posting this review as part of my trip report that is here http://www.australianfrequentflyer....tos/parts-portugal-spain-then-fasa-61547.html

[FONT=&amp]We have 3 nights here. It is a villa in a complex of 2 levels located over a small bar/cafeteria. The villa itself is a studio with small kitchenette, good bathroom & a comfortable foldout bed. There is a balcony that is shared with 2 other villas while we were there-able to sit & relax & watch the locals pass. The free wifi speeds along once we got the router reset! The village is small so everything we need is a couple of minutes flat walking away.

Photos 1/ view into villa from front door 2/ bathroom with great shower 3/ view aacross living area 4/ shared balcony area

2-DSC06705.JPG 3-DSC06706.JPG 4-DSC06702.jpg

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