Free Vietnam (vinaphone) sim cards - free to a good home

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Oct 9, 2010
Just back from a trip to Vietnam. Have 2 sim cards here from Vinaphone to give away.

All to confusing which card has what. But i think this is what is left:

Sim #1: Left maybe ~4gb, zero value
Sim #2: Maybe 1gb left + ~30k VND value left (e.g. you can buy 7 days 1gb for 20K under the DT20 plan).

How to use
Dial *101# to find out the $$ left in the account
Text "data" to 888 to find out the data left.
To purchase data, text "DK DT20 (or whatever the plan you want)" to 888

Data Plans (i think this is the page... I kinda figured out that DT20 was 1GB for 7 days for 20k VND...)
VinaPhone -

Simple guide here (to make some sense of everything):

The unofficial guide to Vinaphone, mobile carrier in Vietnam – Sybak Blog

I think the data expires end May 2017. Remember i will post them to you "as-is" and it may or may not work by the time you arrive in Vietnam. Cards were bought unregistered too so there is a chance it may be cut off...

Free to a good home. Just reply to this thread and indicate which SIM you want.
I will post the Sims to the first 2 people who replies this thread and has been on AFF for at least 3 months
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