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Feb 13, 2007
Hi all,

I have been a regular reader of these forums and finally decided to make my first post.

I am hoping someone can help me. I am currently having issues with Velocity and was wondering if people agree with me regarding my problem. I used my Velocity points to book two flights early this year. I had a death in the family so I had to change my flight details. In order to change flights you do not get your Velocity points back. They give you a certain fare vale that can be used for another flight then you have to pay the $30 change of flight fee and the difference in the new fare.

Now I have been arguing that I am entitled to points on the portion I have paid for the fare upgrade. They have been arguing that I am not entitled to the points because it is a rewards flight.

They have quoted the below T&C's as proving I am not entitled to the points:
1.3 Points for air travel will be calculated on the basis of the amount paid to Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue Aust, Pacific Blue NZ or Polynesian Blue as required, for your personal fare booking, including base fare, taxes, fees and surcharges and fuel surcharge (if applicable). You do not earn Points for others flying with you (even if you have paid for their tickets). Points will not be earned on special fees which include, without limitation, credit card surcharge, Blue Zone fee, International unaccompanied minor fee, fees associated with pets travelling and fees associated with changing flights, cancelling flights or providing a fare refund.


1.6 Points are not earned for travel on charter flights; free tickets (including tickets issued as Air Rewards);

I believe these T&C's show that I am not entitled to earning Velocity points on the fee component but I beleive I should get it for the purchase component. The flight was not a free flight because I had to pay for an upgraded fare. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.


Oct 31, 2005

You are probably right - in a fair and just world you would at least get points for the difference in fare that you stumped up for. But we live in the real (scary) world, so corporations create terms and conditions that suit them for operational or purely financial reasons.

Some people on this forum regard this as ethical, and some do not. Humanitarianism is on a world-wide ebb at the moment so don't expect too much sympathy.




Kiwi Flyer

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Sep 24, 2004
I don't see this as any different to paying for an upgrade at the airport or onboard. You only earn points on the fare paid, which in this case I would take as zero since it was an award.

Where you may have a case is the wording includes earning for surcharges. The upgrade portion is not a base fare but perhaps is a surcharge? Personally I think this is a weak argument.
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