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Velocity & Status credits


Junior Member
Jun 19, 2016
I had about 180 status credits to attain Platinum beginning March, at the end of March I had 2 J class flight and 2 Y class flights booked Per - Syd. This would of given me more than enough to get Platinum. But of course we closed our borders and Virgin Went into Administration. I now stand to lose 270 status credits end of June. And no chance to fly in the immediate future, (WA border still closed with no reopening date yet)

Assuming Velocity will still be around when the new Virgin re commences normal flights, one would think that they would freeze the status credits we will all lose in the meantime. Yes I got a few each month in their promotion, but, not enough to get up to Platinum . It’s us with a bit of status they would want to keep, rather than swing another way.

if I lose I lose, but am I missing something?


Jan 2, 2017
THanks for this Kandy. I was set to upgrade to Gold with 3 flights to QLD in May, they had to be cancelled and I got a travel bank credit. My SC expire in July so no chance for me to upgrade :(
Might send an email and see what they can do. I don't want an extension, I just don't want my SC to expire before I can fly again - hopefully August!