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Aug 2, 2006
Hi all,

Sorry if this information is repeated elsewhere on the forum but I thought it might be of use to someone.

I have had 15,000 points sitting in my Velocity account since I signed up with their first credit card when velocity started. I haven't been able to use the points thus far as I generally always fly Qantas (and I never like claiming for non flight items as the redemption rates are horribly overpriced).

I thought if there were any other members out there like me who had this amount of points sitting in their account you can take a look at this discount offer where certain flights can be redeemed using less points.

I was able to book a free one way flight from Sydney - Perth for 14,100 points (rather than the normal 16,000) and then book a paid return ticket back with Qantas.

Velocity is having a Points Redemption Sale on Virgin Blue flights to selected destinations around Australia - and that's great news for you because you'll need to redeem fewer Points to get you there. Of course, don't forget you can also redeem Points on accommodation, car hire and more. The following examples are for Perth but check out Virgins Velocity website for other rates

Perth to Broome from 9,100 + $39 taxes
Perth to Adelaide from 13,700 + $39 taxes
Perth to Sydney from 14,100 + $39 taxes
Perth to Melbourne from 14,100 + $39 taxes
Perth to Brisbane from 15,000 + $39 taxes

Based on "Velocity Sales Class Fares" which are subject to change and valid as at midnight 28 February 2007.

* Velocity Points and fares displayed are ONE WAY. Taxes, fees and surcharges are payable in addition to Points redeemed.

These fares are subject to availability and valid for sale between midnight 28 February 2007 to midnight 04 March 2007 or until sold out, and for travel between 15 March 2007 to 29 March 2007.
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