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Velocity Pet insurance 10,000 bonus points


Active Member
Jun 17, 2016
There was a similar offer for Pet Insurance from WOW early last year that teased a lot of people into drawing out the WOW points longer than the T's and C's allowed. In that case it was 45 days from memory to get 20k WOW points (was 8750 QFF points then).

So most embarked upon 3 fortnightly repayments and the consensus was a domestic house cat around a year old was the cheapest fleabag to insure at around $8 to $10 per fortnight. Unfortunately it drawn out to up to 6 fortnightly payments until the points were paid.

So for this offer, I've done a small bit of sampling and it is similar in that a 12 month old domestic house cat is the cheapest at around $20 per month. You get the first month free and have to stay for 3 months, so 2 paid months at $40 for 10k VFF points. 2 obvious risks are:
  1. What if the VFF points turn out to be worthless.
  2. Whilst the T/C state that providing you have the policy for 90 days your 10k VFF points will be paid, but if they draw it out and you cancel after 90 days but before points paid the risk is there for an annoying repetitive chase up to get paid.
I note that not all of my VFF accounts (other family members) received this offer indicate it may be targeted, but the T/C didn't indicate so. On applicaiton you have to enter your VFF number so another risk is if you are not one of the "targeted" VFF members you may miss out on your points - probably not but possible.

I'm tempted on my accounts but will hold out a month to see where VFF points land. After all, it is a fair bit of mucking around and small expense for a small reward.


Senior Member
Aug 21, 2011
My Map
I received the offer too but won't be bothering. Not worth it for 10,000 Velocity points that may or may not be worth something in a few months.


Jun 15, 2019
I received it. I might have considered this offer a year ago because I’m not happy with my current pet insurance provider anyway, but I can’t even be bothered looking up this insurer’s policies in this climate.

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