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VA BNE - Premium Valet Parking

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I posted this comment on another thread
On another note, I see that the valet park staff are now wearing BAC uniforms. They used to wear VA uniforms so I'm guessing this may be why we can't get VFF points on the parking charges, because it's BAC and not VA as it used to appear like it was.
I've not long had a AMEX Velocity Platinum CC and to expand the comment I made above, the 3x VA points a Velocity AMEX card is supposed to give, does not for the BNE Valet Parking.

This is not overly a whinge post but I do find this a bit misleading. When reading the VA Premium Valet website, there is nothing to suggest it is not theirs. They make it read like a VA facility......except it isn't. No points and no additional Amex points for a VA purchase. It's not until you dive into the T&Cs that you find it's nothing to do with VA and is BAC.

This is not a one off. It appears to me that VA have a culture of using misleading terminology on their bullsh*t site but try to hide behind hidden T&Cs. I'm not a legal type, but I thought Australia had legislation to prevent companies from misleading the public even when their T&Cs may tell the truth (albeit sometimes disputable in itself)?

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