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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by clifford, Jul 12, 2004.

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  1. clifford

    clifford Established Member

    Jul 6, 2004
    Canberra / London
    Hi folks,

    Just wondering if everyone was aware that this program will be fully implemented by 30 September 2004, meaning that all visitors to the USA (except Canadians, Mexicanos and a few other minor exceptions) will be fingerprinted and have their mugshots placed on a data base before they are admitted.

    Also wondered if this might cause a few reviews of itineraries.

    cliffie. :)

  2. HardieBoys

    HardieBoys Member

    Sep 28, 2003
    Cancelled one conference trip to the US this year, and most likely to cancel next year's trip. Manchester will get this year's business from me.
  3. Rossmurdoch

    Rossmurdoch Junior Member

    Oct 11, 2002
    Not too worried about it, had to have the same info on my "Alien Identity Card" some years ago while living in Japan. If the Americans feel safer doing it this way, certainly won't stop me going there.
  4. Alan in CBR

    Alan in CBR Member

    Apr 2, 2004
    Canberra ACT
    Travel to, from and within the US has been less than enjoyable for some time now. However the additional measures being implemented by the end of September aren't causing me any additional concern. The "fingerprinting" is just an optical scan - you don't end up with purple ink-stained fingers! - and the immigration desks all have webcam-style digital cameras mounted above them. I don't imagine the process will take long.

    Of course with 400 people on a 747, even an extra 30 seconds or so per person will soon add up. At LAX there would typically be around four desks open for non-US travellers, so with a jumbo load of Australians on QF 11 each desk would process 100 passengers. 30 seconds each would mean an extra 50 minutes to clear all pax if no extra desks are opened. (Disclaimer: I have no idea whether 30 seconds is a realistic figure.) Mind you, the last time I was there (in June) a delay in getting through immigration wouldn't have made it slower to get out because there was a massive slow-moving line to clear customs/quarantine. Not sure exactly why, but we were not the only aircraft which had just arrived, which wouldn't have helped.

    I certainly haven't tried to increase the number of visits I make to the US in recent times, but I won't be seeking to stay away just because my fingerscans and photo are going to be placed on a database.

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