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US Credit Card - useful for Australians?

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Apr 18, 2013
I am currently spending some time in America. So far, I have made all my purchases with a foreign CC, but was thinking if it may be worth applying for an American credit card. Easiest way would be setting up a bank account, which would be w/o monthly fee as long as I keep the balance above 1,500$ and a debit credit card.

However, I would have to pay quite large foreign transaction fees everytime I transfer money from my AU to the US bank account. As I am returning to Australia in a few months, do you guys see some significant benefits for Ozzies that would be worth holding a US credit card? Only think I could think of might be purchasing Alaska Airmiles or some visitor discounts with rental car companies.

Edit: Before you suggest it, I spoke with someone from Citibank yesterday, with no credit history there seems to be no chance they will give me one of these X0,000 AAdvantage Miles for sign-up cards
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