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Junior Member
Aug 4, 2004
:shock: AIRPORT GRAN HERE - I have booked my Son and me on a Qantas Around the World to BNE-SING-LON-BOS-LAX-BNE next May, debating whether to go Frankfurt-Birmingham, except I recall BIR they use Aer Lingus and that is a "horrible" cramped way to Boston, whereas LON-BOS is using British Airways, more leg room. My problem is this - my son has been cursed with Auto-immune disease (rashes and blisters), and now DVT - he is being treated but a bigger lad and uncomfortable. My question is should I try to upgrade us on the long-haul flights, and can I do that on FF on the LON-BOS leg with another airline ?
You might be quicker with advice than hanging on the 'phone with FF :roll:I got my husband a FF trip around, brilliant staff at Qantas FF but we don't mind flying independantly, however I would like to help my son enjoy the trip to see family - we go a lot.


Aug 27, 2004
LT Gold
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You can only use QF FF points and QF FF upgrade credits to upgrade flighst with a QF flight number and operated by Qantas (ie not on codeshare flights operated by other airlines). So you cannot upgrade LHR-BOS as that will be operated by BA or AA.

Depending on the fare you have purchased, you may be able to pay for an upgrade into BA's World traveller Plus cabin (WT+). I believe it is something in the order of A$400 per sector to do that, but depends on the fare you purchased.

Otherwsie, you will need to pay for something like a DONE4 OneWorld Explorer 4 continent business class fare, which is $9539 plus taxes.

And also note that having the points available does not guarantee you will get an upgrade on QF flights, especially to/from London and LA since they are very popular and the Frequent Flyers with Platinum and Gold status get first chance on the waitlist for upgrades.


Jul 4, 2002
GRAN just make sure your son gets up and walks around on the long haul flights.Economy class syndrome(DVT) is just as common in business and first class-people are too cosy in their skybeds and dont move which is the real risk factor for DVT.Here on the Sunsine coast we call it Victorian pensioners syndrome as with the first sign of winter they jump in the car and drive to QLD without stopping.
Seriously though just make sure your doctor gets the latest info. when your son travels.Just remember its usually the destinations not the flights that most people enjoy.
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