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Aug 11, 2004
I am a new member on this forum, but have been a frequent traveller for both business and pleasure since 1985.

I will be flying QF's new direct BNE-LAX-BNE service later this month in economy class, and am seeking advice as to whether I should use 70,000 QF points to upgrade in each direction.

It seems a waste to me, as it's only 160,000 points for a "free" business class ticket...AND because the aircraft QF operates on this route still use the old "Dreamtime" seats as opposed to the new Skybeds.

Any thoughts and advice would be most appreciated.

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Aug 5, 2004
I imagine that either someone else was paying -you need the credits for status or you couldnt secure a b/c flght using points otherwise why would anyone use 70K when its only 80K for a free ticket each way.

I think the whole point system with qantas is a big joke now.
The best deal is a cheap b/c rtw and upgrade to first with fewer points.
I just did this on a rtw and it cost me 45+8+45+25k. I got 67k AA miles and plat status.
do that twice and u get a first ticket to ny.
not bad for $A13K plus some qantas points.


Apr 26, 2003
tinkybelle said:
I think the whole point system with qantas is a big joke now.....

tinkybelle, I'm afraid I have to agree with you there :cry: The whole thing is quite demoralising when you even look at the upgrade points they suck off you. Just the other day I did an upgrade to J on a DOM flight & QF sucked 9000 points off me.
I didn't realise the discount ticket would have such a marked affect on the upgrade. That's 9 flights that I have to make to get it back :cry:
I'm beginning to wonder if this is just another way to only reward the rich flyers & not the frequent flyers.


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I reckon the system kicks cough. I rack up loads of points and credits on CRASH-8 routes (NTL-BNE, NTL-MEL, etc) or short domestic hops (SYD-MEL, SYD-BNE, SYD-ADL, MEL-ADL) where business either isn't available, or just isn't worth it.

This leaves me with loads of upgrade credits and/ or points to burn on SDY-PER, SYD-AKL, or longer hops.

Bring it on.
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