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Nov 4, 2008
I was flying from Mammoth Mountain to San Francisco on United today. Clear skies, no wind on the ground. I checked the flight status and it said "On Schedule." Happy days!

However, when I arrived at the airport, the United rep said the aircraft couldn't land because it was too windy, so it had diverted to Reno. I pointed out the limp windsock to the attendant who said that it was the winds in the air, not the ground that caused the flight to be diverted. Hmmm.... that doesn't sound right.

I checked the flight status and it said "On Schedule." However, if you look closely you will see it appears to be flying from Mammoth to Reno in 2 minutes. Yep, right on schedule, just to the wrong place.


United suggested I take a three hour bus trip to Reno, stay overnight there and screw up the rest of my plans. Hmmm... that doesn't sound any good!

Luckily, Alaska Airlines was able to endure the cloudless skies and lack of wind, so I jumped on their next flight out, which was smooth as silk. What a surprise!

Having landed I've just checked the flight status of my original flight again and it said "Cancelled due to air traffic control conditions impacting our flight operations." What the windsock does that mean?


I understand that sh*# happens, but I do wish airlines would not lie to me. Just tell me the truth!
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Not open for further replies.