What a stupid commercial.

I’ll chuck my marketing cap on, but again, still makes no sense.

I don’t get the whole fanfare they keep pushing with this baggage tracking. My AirTags leaves this system for dead.
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Ponytail marketer: Its a great ad, everyone’s talking about it and even if they don’t like it, they’re still talking about it.

Airline: They’re not meant to be talking about it - they are meant to be buying more airline tickets from us. Get lost.
This is how Virgin 2.0 started. Talk about energy.

A decade later after Scurrah arrived, this is how it ended.

And now this. 😂

Borgehtti couldn’t run a balance sheet. But his team did a good job producing creative. The Lake Eyre commercial cost a bomb, but won many awards. Was all downhill after that.
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If wonderful is what you're looking for, look no further than the original 'S Wonderful ad from 2012!

Now those were the days when I truly loved this airline. New ad is ok and got a laugh out of me, it is certainly better than the toupée ad but wow, things have certainly changed.
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I think it’s a great ad.


it’s so divorced from reality.

Those things don’t actually happen. Won’t ever happen. And aren’t part of a standard flight experience.

Food, beverages, IFE, wifi… all those things could help ‘bring on wonderful’.

On VA you’re lucky if the IFE works, have to pay for wifi, and it’s not certain you’ll get tea, coffee or water on a SYD-MEL flight. Some flights are ‘water only’ due to the short flight time.
It’s not bad, although bit cringy. The first bring on wonderful was much better though. I actually quite like the music on the first one.