Triple status credits on VA

This is insane!

5 single flights in business class between SYD and MEL or BNE and you’ve requilified - SC wise - for platinum (still need a return eco trip to boost the sector count.

That’s $1850 for platinum.

Benefits will be even harder to use going forward.
$370 J flights from SYD to BNE or MEL? I can't find anything under $540 or so.
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I’ve also been offered a double points for my ‘next flight’

Do you think I can combine the triple SC and double points together? Also struggled to interpret the T&Cs if next flight is one segment or a return.

I’m not fussed on VA status as every man and his dog has some VA status already let alone the recent status match and this initiative (feel deeply sorry for VA loyalists) based on the lounges but rather their points given my status on QF but ability to use VA for SQ redemptions.
More likely people have jumped on the cheaper fares available since this offer went live.
Exactly with such small window to purchase and small window of travel just 2 months, the cheap fares we know wouldn't last long at all.
Don't get cheap fares couple weeks out so end of July was the sweet spot here.
How is VA's IT when it comes to flexible flights?
Not sure what you mean..their flexible can easily change online.
I am currently Platinum with review date of Nov & got baby due in Sep
My question is that would I get status hold until next year as I have already taken status hold last year also should I take this offer to retain platinum - thanks in advance
If you take baby pause before Nov then your WP on hold then from memory it restarts when the baby pause us released and you have WP during the pause just don't collect SC if you fly. So you'd have WP till late 2026 how I read it. No real need for you to've already requalified right?
Not sure what you mean..their flexible can easily change online.
As in dummy booking until i can be sure of something. This is something that you can utilise on the other side of the pond with DSC windows.
Yes the old Cloncurry model.

Somebody else would have to confirm, never done this myself as in destination change.
You need to look for flights more than 45 days in advance.
Okay thanks. Doesn't leave much of a window though with the end of July the limit. I'll check it out. Found SYD-TSV in J for $764 one way which earns 110x3 =330 SCs.
This promo is neither good nor bad for me but I do have to wonder at whether it's really a good idea. To my mind, it's cheap and amateurish.
If I am booking paid fares (choice) but pay with my points + remaining amount on card, would I be eligible for SC still? I am not booking a reward seat....just using points to pay.
would I be eligible for SC still?
Yes still eligible. What you're booking is an Any Seat ticket:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 9.51.39 PM.png
Pity the short travel window. I'm already out-travelled for what I can do by the end of July. If they would have given e.g. until end of Sep or Oct, it would have opened many more opportunities for nice little weekend trips to exploit this offer.

I had already been thinking of that I might drop to silver at the end of the year and this helped me to make the final call on that. It looks like a quiet travel year on VA for me now because after my current bookings, it'll be calmer for a while and makes sense for me to consolidate that little onto a single alliance.
Me too… had decided to let platinum lapse next year. Was tempted by this but not sure the benefits are there.

I value the ‘fly forward’ by telephone for platinums, but the other airline options for MEL-SYD now outweigh VA :(
You seem to not have great experiences flying VA anyways, probably better to let the status drop and try out other airlines for a refresh!
This promo is neither good nor bad for me but I do have to wonder at whether it's really a good idea. To my mind, it's cheap and amateurish.
So is a predictable DSC window with a week to book and to fly over an entire year ahead with the flexible ticket remote Qld trick not cheap and amateurish?

At least this x3 offer is short sharp pointed activity, something different novel possibly.
Want x3 SC act today or tomorrow. I think it's not bad marketing.
I just booked CBR-MEL-ADL return in J for under $900 (using a promo code) and will earn 660 status credits for that.
What promo code worked? I thought I read also that they have blackouts over June / July? I couldn’t get anything to work (including NRMA portal…) 😔
Interesting, I cancelled an existing J booking and when trying to rebook the exact same flight I get an error that a duplicate exists and it won't let me proceed.

Must take some time for the system to process the cancellation of the existing booking. Not a big deal for me as there was another flight at a comparable (maybe even slightly better) time but one to watch out for if you're looking do something similar!
Although that didn't happen to me today - it has when I have done same day cancellations and re-bookings for previous DSC promos - must take a while for Sabre to catch up.
The Frequent Flyer Concierge team takes the hard work out of finding reward seat availability. Using their expert knowledge and specialised tools, they'll help you book a great trip that maximises the value for your points.

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