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Trip to phuket - Few Questions!!

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Tim Nitschke

Junior Member
Sep 26, 2010
Hey Guys

I am trying to organise a last minute, and somewhat surprise trip, for my wife and I to Phuket..

We live in Melbourne and I am Velocity Gold.

I have 120k points left over from another trip so happy to use as many of them as i can...

We want to travel for a week or so (up to 10 days) and have 2 weeks off from the 31st..

One last thing.. I want to try and travel business.. my wife has never flown!

A few questions;
1 - Can anyone recommend the most cost effective way of achieving this?
2 - If i fly on SIA can I use velocity points to upgrade if i purchase a flexi fare?


Active Member
Mar 17, 2014
1 - You have enough points for 2x J tickets on VA MEL-PER-HKT or reverse, so I'd probably use them for one way, then buy a cheap J tickets the other way if you're prepared to pay for it or you could go Y home to save money.

For example, there are two award seats MEL-PER-HKT on 31/10/14 on VA that's 2 x 57,800 pts + $82.35 which takes care of most of your VA points and gets you there in J (PER-HKT is only a 737 though, but that doesn't really bother me personally)

Coming back you have a lot of options, the most direct would be J* Star Class HKT-MEL. Looks like about $1300 per ticket [Edit: if you play with dates, it's not that expensive - this was just the first search I did], but there will be cheaper options connecting through BKK, SIN or KUL. What would your budget be? Will an LLC J product be OK or do you want full service?

2 - No.
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