Travelling QF domestically as OWS/OWE

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Fiches Mouser

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Dec 14, 2013
I've looked and looked, and couldn't see a thread on this – I have to imagine that there's a somewhat significant pool of QF flyers on AFF who have decided to use, for whatever reason, an alternative OW program (AA, QR, BA, RJ, CX etc.)

How is the flying experience different for those OWS/OWEs versus as QF Gold/Platinum? Really interested in anecdotes from other OW flyers of their QF experience.

Bit of background: My flying is mostly intra-Asia via HKG with CX, therefore I primarily use MPC – I'm Gold/OWS (but on my way to Diamond/OWE) with CX. I've never flown in QF Y domestically (only J, made the Y switch from VA). Domestic flights on VA are rather mundane, but with pretty reliable and well executed guarantees of priority checkin, lounge access, priority baggage and priority boarding, so not quite sure what to expect with QF.

I had originally asked a similar question in the MPC forum about whether or not my OWS membership needs to be printed on the boarding pass, so if anyone has any experience with this feel free to chime in there, too :rolleyes:
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Jun 12, 2006
Having flown QF domestically (albeit rather limited compared to overall mostly international) for ten years with AA status, I never had issues with lounge access.

Though seating with QF is a more local issue. QF domestic award (AA miles) as a OWRuby opened little in the way of premium seating. Changing to QFF OWSapphire # at checkin moved me up quite a number of rows. And as an AA OWEmerald I probably managed to receive more OPups than many QFF elites posting on AFF. But that depends on the "luck of the draw" operationally, since QF manage overbooking quite well in normal circumstances.

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