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Nov 30, 2004
What kind of travel needs would they be? For simple bookings for flights or accom I'd recomending keeping as far away from a travel agent as possible and doing it yourself. If you have a complicated trip to book you'll need to find a very competent agent (and you won't find that at Harvey World, Flight Centre etc etc) who knows how to do their job without stuffing you around. Unfortunatley I've been unable to find one like that as yet


Aug 27, 2005
thanks for the feedback i just need one to give quotes for domestic travel mainly i do use all the common web sites but if you can get a good agent and then compare prices sometimes they come out on top
Aug 11, 2002
Most travel agents now charge for local travel services and some even request an account fee if they are to quote, as there are no commissions for domestic bookings in Oz. My agent charges $25 a booking, less than the $33 Qantas charges (by phone).

I have a good agent who I have been with for 20+ years, but now book all domestic travel online, as well as some hotels. They do still get me good hotel deals occasionally and certainly are helpful with my frequent international travel, although price savings are often difficult, depending on fare types.


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Mar 22, 2005
cssaus said:
It would help if you identified where you were located.
Infoworks is located in Sydney.

The OP is located in Ocean Reef, Western Australia.


Dec 25, 2004
I may be shot by some of the TA's who visit this site with the following comments, but hey....

TA's are useless for domestic bookings. Book your tickets through the carrier direct. Use a website such as to get the cheapest fares and book away.

You could possibly get a few $ off your fare through your TA if you flew Business around Australia, but even then it wouldn't be much discount if at all.

Qantas is 9000x more efficient than a TA for a domestic booking. Got a problem? Call Qantas at 2am in the morning - they'll help. Get to the airport late? No worries. Talk to Qantas at the airport to sort out your drama. If you book your ticket through a TA, then Qantas doesn't have to help you directly until after you've commenced your journey...

Adding a TA for domestic flights adds no value at all IMHO.

Now, if you have friends with a great corporate discount on their flights, and will book your flights for you - that is a different matter!! I recently saw the prices offered to one corporate for flights, and was very impressed. Wish I could get them to book my leisure flights, but alas - not possible.


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Dec 16, 2005
The travel agant I am using for my RTW ticket Click here to view thread was honest enough to tell me to book my Y ticket AKL-ZQN on as it would be cheaper. I looked at it and he was right (saving about AU$20). Due to his honesty and the fact it was peanuts compared to the DONE4 I got him to book it anyway. I did however book my SIN-PER-SIN on as his price was AU$1,500 and online was SG$720 for flexi saver booked in S.
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