Trans Tasman reward seat booking

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May 17, 2011
Hi all,

I need to fly AKL-MEL next year around mid April, but the exact date won’t be confirmed until perhaps a few days before. And when it is confirmed, I'll need to travel ASAP.

If I book a reward seat now, is changing that nearer the time onto a different flight dependent on there being reward seats available on my chosen day of travel? And if I were to book PE*, does that limit it even further, as I’d assume there are less PE reward seats on a given flight than Y reward seats? Or will they allow a change if there is any seat available in the PE cabin? Are the rules different for the different classes?

I have had a look at the fare rules online, but they are a bit ambiguous.

The thinking behind booking a reward seat is that while I know I’ll need to pay a change fee, I shouldn’t get stung with a fare difference (which 24-48hrs from travel will likely be a lot). Of course, that’s only of use if I can actually change the flight.

Anyone had any experience with a similar situation?

* - related question here; if I book a PE seat, (8500 points more), does anyone know if that will that be honoured as a J seat if VA get round to offering Business on MEL-AKL by mid April?

Thanks in advance.


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Dec 26, 2011
Unfortunately you will only be able to change the flight if there is a reward seat available on the new flight, which is not as likely a few days before.

On the plus side, I would expect a reward PE ticket to become J when they upgrade the planes.
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