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TopCashBack – US cash back site similar to cashrewards and shopback

Dr Ralph

Jan 21, 2014
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Are you buying things from the US to be shipped to Australia and missing out on cash back opportunities because the merchant isn't listed on major Australian players like and/or Or are you buying things online whilst in Australia from US based businesses to have delivered to your hotel room/Airbnb address when visiting the US but missing out on cash reward opportunities?

Answer yes to either of these situations then topcashback is for you!

This site works pretty much like the Australian shopback and cashrewards that many of you will be familiar with, but obviously with US based businesses. Some of the merchants featured include:
Marriott Bonvoy
Old Navy
Dick's Sporting Goods
JC Penny
Nordstrom Rack
Best Buy
US Ebay

And fear not it's easy to get your money back from topcashback, just transfer it to your Australian PayPal account (there are other options including gift cards).

Also worth noting is that the cash back offers on topcashback can be higher than those offered on Australian sites even if the same merchant is featured on both sites. There also appear to be exclusive discount coupon codes listed for different merchants on the topcashback site.

Please consider using my referral link (I may receive a reward if you use this link):

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