Things you can and can't take with you on Domestic flights.

Discussion in 'Your Questions' started by macgret, Apr 18, 2008.

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    The title says it all.

    Hi i have a few questions a few things i want to buy in melbourne australia but because there is restrictions on what you can and what not i thought i would ask your kind help here.

    Im from brisbane city im going to melbourne by qantas domestic airways.

    In melbourne while im there i because im a food lover i would end up going to international deli shops in melbourne like the greek delis spanish delis and such.

    My following question i like to ask is as follow

    I like to buy things in melbourne so that i could take it with me back to brisbane on the qantas domestic airline.

    They are include things like:

    Import sossages
    Import cocoa cholate cans
    Import drinks such as fruit and or milk drinks
    Import items like figurings and a wok made from europe
    Import salamis types

    Now these things are from deli international shop in melbourne, And of course i would carefuly wraped them in newspaper so it dosnt go off nor smell.
    I would most likely put all that in my wheel luggage. And not on my laptop bag carrying on bag type.

    Know is all that type of import is acceptable ? It is in australia deli shops and tho not sure what to expect by customs if they try to take it off me.

    Also because this is all domestic travel.
    The next question is as follow:

    IS it ok to bring 1,000AUD dollars in my wallet all in 50notes or is there some sort of law that you can't bring cash just like that ?

    My 3rd question might be abit odd for some.
    I would buy something called (amyl) It is just video headcleaner liquid in a small see thru glass bottle. Now can this allso be acceptable to carry on bag or luggage ? I dont no if this is indeed (flamable) and that no one should pack up flamable stuff. But even thogh with this amyl stuff you can order it online within australia and it is still be send by australia post. even though its flamable stuff which shouldnt be send. Who knows really.

    Aniways these are just of the many fiew questions i like you to help me out.
    It is alittle dificult to read all the good's from that website where it says what u can take and what you cant. Because im pretty much wanting quick replys for each item.

    Unless of course if there is no way i cant bring that with me.. i wonder how posible it is to send all this in a australia box wrap it all up put a express plastic envelope and send it to my home which would take 24hours to get there but then again i dont no whats best for safety without been court by customs or such

    thank you people
    I know this is alot to say but just some of the unusual and odd things that i would like to fine out as ive never done this before and never been introuble by customs.. Your help would be great if posible.

    have plesant day people :)

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