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The next "Air Force One" of Israel is... Qantas B767


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May 10, 2013
The article was published on Israeli news site.
Used Google to translate from Hebrew to English.

It appears that this is the "Air Force One" of Israel

A Ynet investigation revealed that the plane expected to serve the prime minister is Boeing 767, which was purchased from a US cargo company and was previously owned by the Australian company Qantas. He is expected to enter the service after the formation of the new government. Total cost: more than half a billion shekels.

Prime Minister's Office refused to comment on the identity of the plane to be used by the prime minister, but Ynet's examination shows that the IAI's Bedek division is currently working under strict secrecy and strict information security measures to improve technological and security improvements on the Boeing 767 aircraft owned by an Australian airline - And is expected to become the "Air Force 1" of the State of Israel.

The plane, which landed in Israel from Ohio on July 22, 2016 and has since disappeared from the aviation reserves, is apparently the plane to be used by the prime minister. For many years, it has served the Australian airline Qantas and is currently marking 18 years of service in the air.

In Australia, the plane is considered one of the 767's most recently served in the company, identified mainly with the kangaroo character that adorns the tails of its planes. In 2003, the plane was leased for three years to Australian Airlines. He then returned to service at Caventas until he left service due to the company's acquisition of modern and fuel-efficient Airbus A-330s.

In January 2016, the plane was purchased by the US cargo carrier CAM, which planned to convert it to a cargo plane and even registered it with the US Airline Authority, but was eventually acquired by the State of Israel.

About six months ago, one of the most popular airports in the world was woken by a question: "Is there anything new about the plane, it's been stored in Tel Aviv for two years, and I think it's one of the new Qantas planes that has been in service for only 13 years." One of the surfers replied, "I think that the plane was sold to Israel and since then I do not know what happened to it, and the plane is no longer registered in the United States."

After several delays in his case, it seems that the new prime minister's plane will be ready to make his first flight in the second half of 2019, after the elections and the formation of the new government. In the version of the plane, 116 seats will be installed according to the prime minister, some of which are business class seats, instead of the original configuration of 221 seats in economy class and 30 seats in business class.

The State Comptroller will review the conduct of the purchase of the plane

On Monday it was reported that the state comptroller, retired judge Yosef Shapira, will examine the decision-making processes for the purchase of the plane. In a letter to the Prime Minister's Office, Shapira said that following complaints received by his ministry, he instructed the ministry's audit division to begin the investigation. Among other things, the comptroller will review the information gathered prior to the decision to purchase the plane, whose total cost is estimated at more than half a billion shekels. The examination will also include the entire decision-making process that led to the final decision.

In a letter he wrote, all changes in the budget to finance the purchase of the plane will be examined starting with the original plan. In addition, the interaction between the various entities involved in the acquisition project will be examined. The decision in principle to purchase the Air Force 1 plane was made in May 2014 by the previous government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, based on the recommendation of a public committee headed by former Supreme Court Justice Eliezer Goldberg.

The cabinet approved a budget of NIS 729 million in August 2015 in favor of the plane: the purchase and construction budget was NIS 393 million, and the operation and maintenance of the plane at NIS 336 million for five years. The total amount was approved only a year after the Ministry of Finance estimated the cost at only NIS 175 million.


Mar 9, 2010
It sounds like they are talking about OGV. That was a very late model 767, with systems more akin to a 747-400 than the rest of the 767 fleet. It was a very nice aircraft, but a bit of an orphan amongst the fleet.
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