The FR24 appreciation thread

is there an incident at Hobart ? BOM radar looks clear, but JQ759 appears to have done a couple of go arounds, and couple other flights diverting to Launceston

Nothing on local radio, but HBA arrival/departures "delays" from 9am to about noon.

At 12:33, arrivals




VA 1528 now on its way from LST to HBA and QF1925 tracking into HBA from SYD, so whatever it was, apparently resolved.
Fog all morning that just wouldn’t clear. Couldn’t see the trees on the other side of the runway till more or less midday. Despite the city being clear. Got stuck there myself for 7 hours….
was just checking a flight tonight ex Syd (10 June) - looked like a very close separation between the departing VA892 (syd-mel) and the incoming QF492 (mel-syd). Like the VA barely in its takeoff roll with the QF touching down? Unless FR had a bit of a lag? (Time around 855pm)
@MEL_Traveller I find there is always a bit of lag with FR24. It’s most noticeable when an aircraft turns >90 degrees or when landing. Often the program seems to ‘dead reckon’ for 30-60 seconds and then updates to a more correct location.

During landings an aircraft is often displayed as still being on the runway, but then jumps to the taxiway on next update. I suspect this form of lag is what you saw, otherwise there would have been a go around.
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The #1 tracked flight today worldwide - CCA008 Air China 008. The Chinese premier is visiting CBR today on this 747 bird.


Happened to be following a friend's flight arriving Amman Jordan, when it suddenly flicked over to Beirut airport.

If you look at Beirut airport on FR24 there is always a collection there of flights wandering aimlessly.
Many seem to be heading to/from Tel Aviv
I have heard there is GPS spoofing happening in / around Israel and wondering if this is a result.
Does this mean that the aircraft does not know the actual GPS coordinates when flying?
As I understand it, they need to use more traditional methods like inertial systems, and the ground based aids like radio direction beacons for navigation.
Lots more information here and even noticed they cite eastern mediterranean.
QF451 did an interesting go around this afternoon, with a turn just over the threshold.
I wonder what was in front ?

that's one impressive chopper.

Noting the actual QF483 B738 is right behind it.

& then there is another error as QF483 is apparently diverting to Norfolk Island, when it is still heading for MEL

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