The disappearing flight


Dec 29, 2018
Hi Guys,

I hope you've all had a very pleasant start to the year.

I have a Question.

I'm traveling from CNS-MEL on either 1st or 2nd March. I like to fly through Brisbane to accrue 30 SC's instead of the 15 on the red-e-deal.

I was looking at the following fare earlier today --> QF1715 for the CNS-BNE leg DEP 1350 ARR 1605, and then the QF635 from BNE-MEL DEP 1715 ARR 2035 for $266.

In fact, I've been looking at it for a few weeks. Have even told the manager of the apartments I'm staying at in Port Douglas that I'll be departing on this flight (For purposes of arranging shuttle bus from PD to CNS).

I checked it this morning and it was there, now it has disappeared!

Yes, I can still catch a 12:15 CNS-BNE-MEL flight for the same price, but as the shuttle busses often carry pax leaving an hour or two before you, you're often picked up at a ridiculous time in the morning, so I really wanted the 1350 flight out of CNS.

I've checked all the dates around March 1st and 2nd, and I can't see it up there either.

Is anyone able to check (using one of the tools that show you how many seats are available in each fare class), or find out for me what happened to QF1715/1350 CNS-BNE flight?

It could be a temporary glitch, which is why I'm hoping that it will reappear.

I would be so very appreciative if there's someone out there that could help me with this!

Cheers and Happy Australia Day!


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Feb 16, 2009
Yes, can't explain why, except the likely cause of cancellations lately which is both a lack of demand and staff shortages impacting crewing and other resources.

It has been pulled to only operate Saturday nights until 21 March, then from Monday 28 March on it returns with 3:30 pm daily departures.

I wouldn't expect it to be restored prior to then as case numbers are unlikely to fall sufficiently to improve resourcing and nor is it likely that there will be a demand increase then, especially as it is 'off peak.'


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Mar 28, 2014
Part of the announced capacity cuts systemwide in the Jan-March quarter.

I'm sorry it's affecting you, but you do have an option within an hour or so (and that should explain why one was cancelled) or going via SYD as above suggestion - you'll still benefit (thogh I agree, going via BNE is a better deal SC wise).

Not much to be done about it. I've had a couple of Feb bookings affected in this way. Not terribly surprising unfortunately.