Taxi Owner/Plate cost Discussion


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Jan 31, 2017
Maybe but the owner drivers I spoke to avoid these as it means dealing with drunks and a higher chance of not getting paid. Early morning jobs are mostly business types who are expensing the ride and less like to throw up int he car or skip out without paying.

It really depends. Realistically early morning is a mixed bag. There are still drunks who want to get home. If you get that business man then you're going to the airport and it's either an expensive one way trip or you go onto the airport rank and wait (1/2 hours) for the first flights in.

NSW TAxi Council and the TWU represent taxis in NSW.

Taxi council = plate owners. TWU representing individual contractors.

Well i disagree when it comes to the booking process, having a reliable easy to use app is key to getting bookings and repeat business. The coughpy 13Cabs app was the final straw in pushing me to use Uber all the time (except when there is a bad surge) - 131cabs kept saying my address isn't valid or failed to connect to server. This is something the taxi mob can control if they cared about customer experience.

Sure the booking process is great for you. But is your couple of taxi trips a week going to keep the owners' car on the road? personally I've given up on the taxi apps - no cars found.

The opposite is true for me - last taxi i took I was scared for my life and when i was paying driver told me he only had 1 point left on his license - i'm surprised he hasn't lost it.

Be honest Aussie cabbies aren't exactly at the level of professionality of say a London Black cab.

Yep and I've had a recent taxi driver who was falling asleep. Hence my previous concerns about fatigue. He didn't drive me in front of a car doing 60 that had to slam on the brakes however.

Totally agree that the australian taxi industry could learn from london black cabs, instead of crying about uber. But I wonder if australians would be prepared to pay normal taxi fares for that option?
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