Table Finder App by Fairfax & Amex

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Aug 2, 2009
Was on The Age website tonight and saw an ad for a new app by Fairfax, sponsored by Amex...

It is an app for finding places to eat around you and draws recommendations from Fairfax food publications like the Good Food Guide, Cheap Eats etc...

As it is sponsored by Amex you can choose to filter so you one get places that take Amex - maybe they are waking up to the fact that this kind of thing is almost required with their new points changes...

The app is obviously new and doesn't seem to have pulled all the data from decent sources, meaning that all the places near my home are showing as open from 12-12.01 on a Saturday :s

Anyway... Worth a look if you're out and hungry as it is easier to use that the awful 'merchant geo' page...
Not open for further replies.

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