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Stupid marketing

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Dec 3, 2006
Here I was, once again, thinking I was special... the most recent email from Velocity with the wording;

"To say thanks for being such a loyal member, you're invited to the special Velocity Redemption Sale. We have fares on Virgin Blue departing Melbourne from 1900 Velocity Points (plus taxes), so we're sure you'll find a bargain. "

Then on the website after clicking the link...

"Virgin Blue's having a Points Redemption Sale for Velocity Members only. Fares have been slashed to destinations around Australia, meaning you'll need fewer Points to fly. Just another way Velocity rewards you faster"

Well it turns out I am not so special. How else can your redeem points unless you are already a Velocity member... so who qualifies for this special offer...EVERYONE!!!

I guess my new shiny silver card doesn't make me that special...:D :shock:
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Not open for further replies.