Skywest Launch PER/KGI/MEL

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May 25, 2006
A few weeks ago whilst in WA I saw a note in the local newslimited rag talking up Skywests proposal to operate flights from PER & KGI to MEL
Well it appears they have launched the service although I cant see anything in the local blatherings
From 21Nov 3 times a week fly ops PERKGIMEL...good luck to them.
I hope there is enough traffic ex KGI because they certainly arent pricing to pull traffic off anyone PERMEL
Even their KGI-MEL pricing whilst direct ,except for the leadin price ,Maps to QF fares or higher based on a quick search of both web sites.
the schedules dont seem too business friendly either.
Pehaps there are some launch fares to be announced and they did publish before DJ could return with their new emb jets
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Not open for further replies.