SilkAir A320, Chengdu China to Singapore (diff returning plane)

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Sep 17, 2012
Chengdu China to Singapore, SilkAir
Depart Friday, approx 6pm
Flight time, approx 5hrs

This is our return flight to Changi and it had a different plane configeration (16 fabric J seats, flight to China had 12 leather seats).

Despite being a SilkAir flight, we were issued with Air China boarding passes. Checkin was slow because there were a lot of businessmen trying to get upgrades and the one at the front of our queue didnt seem to like no for an answer but after 15mins he was last seen in an exit row in Y. There was 9 passengers in J and approx 3/4 full in Y but still lots of empty seats to not be squished.

After checkin, we were invited to the Air China lounge which is very small but refreshments and free wifi was on offer so no complaints but the toilet is very open to the lounge so you can see who didnt leave the toilet seat down every time the door opened.

When arriving at our gate we were met with a wall of about 20 businessmen and women jockeying for position (all Y by their boarding passes) and sadly when the flight was called they didnt call business class first so there seemed to be a race to get into the plane first. I dont usually pay attention when boarding flights but I found it all a bit unnecessary. Y was also forming its own queue by placing their bags and jackets in a line and passengers watching them from a distance.

The seats on this flight was different from the plane we took to get to Chengdu, fabric instead of leather and they seemed much older. Seemed everyone but us were solo travellers so they had a row to themselves and hubby and I shared row 4. The lady in front of me was unable to lift/open her tray table and hubby's foot rest was stuck in a halfway position so we couldnt use or close the thing but otherwise it was comfortable enough for me to get a few hours sleep.

No offer of tablets on this flight and "entertainment" are the roof drop down screens showing some mindless youtube show of pranks and we were not offered the complimentary footsie/eye masks.

On seating we were offered either apple or orange juice and a choice of a number of newspapers and magazines. We actually got a menu on this flight, the FA had a english and chinese (mandarin??) menu to show each passenger for meal selection of either fish or chicken. Dinner was good. Surprisingly good. Usually the smell of a SilkAir flight food turns me off but this was yummy chicken and for once my husband didnt get to eat my main and then I went to sleep for about 2 hours.

Hubby said his glass was rarely empty and hot towels were offered a few times during the flight. We landed a little bit early so made our way from T2 to the Transit Hotel at T1 (because Ive always found T1 hotel quiter) for a few hours sleep before our 7am flight to Sydney.

Overall nice friendly staff that didnt let us go thirsty and a good safe trip which is everything that I can ask for.

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May 10, 2013
Food looks better but seats look worse then previous flight, I guess you can't have both on SilkAir :)
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