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Jul 1, 2002
Well I really never got round to writing up my notes from my oneworld RTW late last year, but I should start small and work up to the bigger reports. I thought today's flights might be interesting from a point of comparison between DJ & QF.

MEL-CBR QF814 8:30am 737-400

Did online checkin and was allocated 14C, no further forward aisle or window seats available. Got to gate at 8:15 am and my favourite QF flight attendant (Carol) was scanning BP's. She gave usual warm welcome and commented how popular internet check in was becoming. Boarded plane and more familiar and warm faced crew members awaited and welcomed me aboard. As I proceeded down the aisle noted that our taxes are being well spent supporting QF as J class was configured with 5 rows, all full.

I was definitely in the last 10% of pax to board on a completely full flight (as with all QF & DJ flights MEL-CBR today). Glad my new laptop is small and fits into a folio, as I managed to squeeze it in the OH locker, but nothing bigger would have fit in any of the surrounding lockers. Cramped seats, knees in back of seat in front, and adjustable headrest kept on falling down - so not big on comfort factor but on 1hr flight OK. Would not want to fly to PER like this though. Nevertheless switched audio to Giselle Scales and relaxed.

Breakfast served - Fruit Fusion, Banana, Just Right & Mini Muffin, good value, especially when supplemented by some toast in the QP before flight. Giselle Scales stopped working half way through flight, so changed channels. As I was doing this Carol C brushed past, and apologised most sincerely, when really it was my elbow that was in the aisle. Tea and coffee run, but didn't want any, and shortly descent commenced and into CBR for on time arrival.

CBR-MEL DJ720 5:00pm 737-800

DJ was as usual offering a substantially lower fare than the QF flight at 5:20pm ($99 vs $359). Online checkin yielded me 11C, but was able to move at airport to 5C after arriving there around 4pm. After this I proceeded to the QP to exercise my WP privileges and have some of the almond slice there, and then left for DJ terminal at 4:40pm. Breezed through security and upstairs at DJ noted that the gate lounge is looking more like an airline lounge (sans the free food & drink) with new furniture, desks etc, quite impressive for just an ordinary gate lounge, and I might say not as noisy as the QP had come in the last 10 minutes I was there.

Boarded just after 4:50pm, greeted by younger FA's than QF's (still friendly, but more clinical than the QF crew lot this morning). Took my seat with 5B empty (flight probably only 50-60% full). Very little luggage in OH locker so plenty of room there. Noted ample leg room - my knees came nowwhere near seat in front, back of head comfortable despite no adjustable headrest. Leather OK, but I have a feeling that seats are more upright than QF's. Put in my headphones and listened to Spin Cycle (quite enjoyed the music on this station). Departed 5 mins late, but made up time in air. Did some emails after seatbelts sign went off and purchased a Coke for $2.50, eroding 1% of that $260 saving). Flight went quickly as usual, and I finished doing some of the puzzles in the IF magazine.

Summary - either airline is more than adequate on this 1 hour sector.

QF: Good points - FA's, breakfast, Audio (when working). Bad points - cramped seating & no OH locker space, Audio (when it stopped working)
DJ: Good points - Audio, space, space & more space, price. Bad points - none really, perhaps slightly clinical FA's.
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