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Shangri-la Singapore - Valley Wing

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Jan 7, 2012
Given the number of champagne fans on this site, coming across a hotel with 10 hours a day of complimentary champagne seems necessary to share.

We've just returned home from 4 nights at the Shang Singapore. We had a wonderful stay. This is the 10th Shang we've stayed at, including Paris and Island HK, this was among the best.

First, this is the original Shangri-la so the property is older than others. If you are looking for brand new, ultra-modern, thousands of people... stay at MBS... this is not for you.

We stayed in the Valley Wing. If you can, choose this wing! Particularly if you are going to spend a lot of time at the hotel. Some have commented that it is pricey, I think you get what you pay for. You can also book 45 days+ in advance and save 15-20%.

Our room was spacious with a nice sitting area, along with a dressing room and large bathroom. Staying in the Valley Wing means you enjoy
- complimentary a la carte breakfast in the beautiful Summit Room
- complimentary champagne all day in the lobby, Taittinger and Perrier Jouet
- high team in the afternoon
- hot and cold canapes, cocktails and champagne
- non-alcoholic beverages from the min-bar

We had dinner twice in the hotel, at Nadaman and Shang Palace. Nadaman was nice but we felt over priced. It doesn't have the ambience you would expect for those prices! Shang Palace was great, lovely service and tasty food. We went over to MBS one night and asked the hotel to order a cab, they organised a hotel car which was complimentary. Small things like this seemed to happen throughout our stay.

All in all, this hotel is relaxing, a great stay for a few days and an easy walk to shopping on Orchard Road.


Nov 11, 2012
I love staying at the SL VW. One thing that is probably a bit different for me compared to others is probably that I love having breakfast at The Line, over the summit room. Sure, it sort of defeats the purpose of this VW exclusivity but I do appreciate the greater range of food choices offered at The Line.

This is totally different to when I'm at Island SL in HKG (the 2 shang properties I frequent), where I prefer to dine in peace at Petrus over Cafe Too.

One thing I especially love about SL VW is their welcome amenity. I don't believe I'm that much into adulthood yet :confused:, but this totally makes me feel like a kid again. (Sorry about the rotated image. I'm trying to do this on an iPhone and I'm a total noob)


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