Seeking clarification on Mileage Plus partner benefits

Jun 18, 2005
My partner and I recently did a RTW itinerary (on a LH ticket) that included two segments in which we used our United Mileage Plus accounts.
We flew LH 179 (operated by Singapore as SQ 326) from Singapore to Frankfurt. I was credited 6389 miles. My partner was credited 639 miles. She queried the amount with Mileage Plus and was advised that her 639 miles was correct. "Fare basis" was mentioned.
Later we flew LH 452 from Munich to Los Angeles and were EACH credited 1498 miles.
On the basis that 639 is correct, I don't propose to query my credit of 6389.
But we both wonder if such variations are commonplace - especially when two people purchase the same ticket from the same travel agent to travel together on the same flights.
Paul in Melbourne
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The distance between SIN and FRA is 6391 miles. So it seems that you got credited at 100% miles, and your partner was credited at 10% miles.

Looking at the earning tables (, I do not see any fare class that earns at 10%.

However, fare classes P, N, Y, B, M, H and U earn at 100%. My bet is that you were in one of those fare clases and your partner got credited the incorrect amount.

In any event we need to know the answer to @Mattg's question above.