Seating plan for Qantas flights to Hawaii

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    Hi to everyone - this is my first post. Looks a great site.
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    Does anyone know where I can find the seating plan for Qantas flights to Honolulu.

    Also can you request your seat in advance.

    Thanks - can you email replies to
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    QF currently operate 747-300 aircraft to HNL. The seatmap for these aircraft can be found here on the QF web site.

    Later this year they will be substituting some 747-300 operations to HNL with 767-300 aircraft. Those flights will be operated by the 25 business class seating config, which can be found here on the QF web site.

    Yes, you can pre-select seats on QF international flights if you get in early enough. They only pre-allocate up to a certain percentage of the cabin and once that limit has been reached they will limit new requests to their Platinum and Gold status FF members only. Call the standard reservations phone number and ask to pre-allocate a seat. This can be done as soon as the reservation is made and does not need to wait until after the ticket is issued.

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