Rules of Flying (Sydney Morning Herald)

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Mar 22, 2005
Warks said:
Their list is a bit short and obvious - am sure they could use our list from here!
Some of the comments readers posted are very funny.

I notice that recliners get a regular mention. I thought I was alone. :oops:


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Oct 9, 2003
This was the best post.

a) duty free is always cheaper at every other stopover.
b) the person in front of you at the immigration queue has always filled out his/her form wrongly
c) transfer gates are always the maximum distance apart.
d) early arriving aircraft never have a gate (esp at heathrow).
e) inflight entertainment never works when your favourite film is on
f)the seat in front of you always reclines 30 degrees more than it was intended.
g) the kid behind you kicking your seat has been disowned by the parents
h) the flight attendants (and sometimes the captain) forget where they are flying to in their welcome aboard "speech".
i) your row companion on the 24 hour flight to london has eaten 20 gloves of garlic to ward off a suspected cold.
j)on ground airconditioning units always fail in the hottest countries.
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