Room booking with/without child?

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Sep 21, 2009
I've booked a Queen bed room at a Hilton group hotel (points redemption - 50k points) and noted only two adults in the booking. Adding Little Miss 8 was only showing rooms at mich higher cost and over 300k for the night.

I'm wondering what might happen when we check in:
  • Get Mr Katie to check in ane be charming?
  • Wewill be sharing a Queen bed with Little Miss for the night ...
  • We will have to pay for a foldaway bed/organise a foldaway for Litrle Miss
  • Somerhing else???

It's a big night in the town we're in, and we will be staying in a different hotel for the prior few noghts. I got worried late last week when I realised the hotel we were going to stay in was booked out on thai night only, so I found another hotel in the Hilton group, and then found this room when I entered 2 adults rather than 2 adults + 1 child.

Has anyone had experience of booking without accounting for the child with a Hilton group hotel?
I did it once with the help of a TA, but this time I'm flying solo on HHonors points.

And not mentioning too many details as this is the all knowing internet after all .... :p

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May 22, 2009
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Get the email address of the hotel Hilton honors rep and advise them that you were unable to do the booking online for the three of you and can they make sure that a rollaway is added to the room.
I have done this a few times in various Hiltons without issue.

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Has anyone had experience of booking without accounting for the child with a Hilton group hotel?

Hi Katie, I usually book for 1A + 1C and in the comments field, I add the comment "HH Spouse stays free benefit. Total occupancy 2A+1C"

It's always worked for me, but I do remember one hotel (HSP I think) charging for a rollaway bed.....but only once. Technically the wording is "in existing bedding" so I don't argue it and most times not a problem. I agree with PF, the HH desk or diamond desk can work wonders when one asks them ;).
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