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Road Trip NSW


Jan 2, 2017
so our flights are now cancelled to QLD next week, we are so sad, It was the second time we have tried to go and visit my Husbands Mother.

so we have got time off work and we still want to go away. Sydney is OUT because of the virus there. We are from the far south coast of NSW.
Where can we go?
Two kids aged 20 months and 4 years old. Looking for something not too far from home unless we stop a few places along the way.
People are suggesting Coffs Harbour which is a 10 hour drive.
We do have two weeks off work but would like to spend around 7-10 of those away.

Any ideas? Nowhere too cold would be nice. If we fly it would be out of Canberra and I can't see any flights at all from Canberra with Virgin (we have a huge travel credit)
Need plenty of things to do with the kids and like I said, warmer the better.


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Mar 26, 2017
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You might have to resign yourself to being in places a bit chilly for the next month or so, in southern NSW/ACT. I've done the road trip with my two when they were young many times. Some things that made it easy was having an Engel (12/240v) fridge in the car, lots of games, puzzles and I suppose now, screens. Talking books always go ok, until you get to know the stories off by heart e.g. Pooh Bear, Town Mouse & Country Mouse and so on.

You could do a loop up to Canberra. Then out to Temora for the aviation museum. Parkes for the 'Dish' and the observatories. Up to the zoo at Dubbo is always a good place with kids, put them on bikes and let them peddle until they're tired - maybe not the 20 month old, but they have bikes you can hire with baby seats on the back. Across to Orange, down through Cowra, wander back home. There's enough places along the way that you can stop every 2 hours and let the kids run around, good motels, and of course plenty of wineries for the adults. If you push further west into NSW towards Griffith then the places are fewer and further apart.

If you wanted to head north, after Dubbo cut up to Tamworth, across to Armidale and then down to the coast for the run home. You don't have to go into Sydney, as you can cut around the M7.


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Aug 21, 2011
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Sorry that you couldn't get to Queensland. The border closure is unfortunate and beyond anyone's control.

Coffs Harbour is the obvious one. It'll be a bit warmer up there, and it's a nice destination particularly if you're with kids.

For something a bit different though, have you thought about visiting Broken Hill? It's quite a different experience and there's a reasonable amount to see in and around the region out there. Several different routes that you could take to get there, e.g. via Wagga Wagga, Griffith and Menindee on the way there, and returning through Wilcannia, Cobar, Nyngan, Dubbo and Canberra.
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