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Jun 18, 2002
Further to my announcement Reminder of our Terms of Services which we will now be enforcing more strictly (17 March), it disappoints me to report that some members continue to flaunt our guidelines by posting disrespectful, bullying, argumentative, and generally unconstructive comments. Fortunately it's just a handful of members, but it does reflect badly on our whole community.

So, in addition to existing guidelines, I'm now announcing the following new measures we will be taking:

1. Political posts will no longer be permitted anywhere on AFF. These posts will simply be deleted without warning and the poster may be disciplined. I'd rather not get into a discussion on what constitutes a "political" post other than saying that genuinely informative posts related to travel are OK, while provocative posts or those which express an opinion are not. Please just accept our judgement on this matter. Our TOS has been updated accordingly.

2. In line with the above, I have closed a number of existing threads dedicated to upcoming elections. Any new thread on these matters will be deleted.

3. We will be implementing Post Approval for members who breach our posting guidelines. Posts from these members will not be publicly displayed until they are Moderator approved. We are starting on a "clean slate" but from today any member who falls foul of our posting guidelines will be added to this group for a fixed period. Posts which include anything we deem to violate our guidelines - no matter how minor - will be deleted in their entirety. If the member's posting behaviour does not change after a fixed period, they will receive a temporary - or potentially a permanent - ban.

Over the last 21 years, AFF has become a friendly, vibrant and diverse community for those who love to travel. Hopefully these measures will preserve this great achievement.

Finally, I do need to stress that the vast majority of our members will not be impacted at all by these new measures. And I thank these members for their constructive contribution and making AFF a welcoming and inclusive place.
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