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Jan 18, 2015
Hi there,

My sister recently went on a trip to Europe as part of a group booking on Thai Airways. It was just before she returned that I realised we could earn Krisflyer points through Star Alliance. The aim is to be able to book domestic VA flights, either through transfer to velocity or partner bookings, I'm nto too fussed either way.

So I signed her up for Krisflyer and told her to keep her boarding passes. I have got the retroactive mileage claim form for partner services, I understand the process for claiming but I'm concerned about

Having read through Krisflyer T&Cs more thorough, apparently retroactive claims are only legit if you identify yourself as a Krisflyer member. Is this the case in practice? Since she was a member by the time she boarded her flight home, can they reject my claim for that flight?

In addition, it says claims for flights from prior to membership can only be made for flights on Singapore airlines, so I'm guessing I have to let go of the flight to Europe on Thai Airways? Or just try to claim it and see if they notice? I have one of the two boarding passes for the flight over.

Would appreciate any advice.

If you guys think it's a dead end, are there any star alliance programs I could claim through that would allow me to redeem points for domestic flights? She left early December so to get both flights I would now need to be able to claim flights for almost two months prior to membership.

Thanks very much!


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May 15, 2004
Before you go too fare, check that the ticket class is eligible for KF miles. Check the tix class on this earning pdf.

If it was a group booking it might have fallen outside of these classes. B H K M Q S T U Y

If it doesn't meet the requirements you can save your time.

If it is in one of these then use the Retroactive Mileage Claim. I can't see that you can change the Krisflyer status as it was at the time of booking and travel, so you'll just have to see how it goes. It doesn't cost anything to apply and ask.
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